Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fall in back and from Porch

today I'm posting part two of
Fall decoration in back and  from porch 

                                                             The from door

                                                                from porch

                                                      My pumpkin parch in  the from porch

                                                  Thank you for stopping by
                                                   Have blessing Fall time.

                                                  I'm ready to put Halloween
                                                 decoration in one more week \
                                                 I love to enjoy Fall time and all
                                                Orange color around my home

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Welcome Fall

                                      After so many days cleaning and organizing my home
                                      from Hurricane  Irma so many day with out                                                                                              power living with a generator on all  day in my back yard.
                                   My house it back to  normal and my family save
                                     it been so bad so many people lost all the have in the Florida key
                                        were the  eye of Irma pass thru.

  I'm welcome FALL in my home thank God 

This the way my house was during  Irma

Fall in my dinner 

                                                        Thank you for stopping by

                                                            Have blessing Fall Time


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Rain

 Summer this year we been have a lot of rain 
not mush time to enjoy my garden this year 
is been 3 week on the rain weather
some of the picture was take last year on this time and some 
are from this year

                                                       My pottery bench last year
                                                    the garden this year
                                                 My verbenas last year
                                                      My porch the yea


                                                      the pottery bench this year
                                     The from of my home and beautiful American Flag
                                                       Last years flower
                                                        this year the hibiscus
                                                      My grape this year
                                                          The back porch last for 4th of July
                                                    this year bird of paradise

                                             cleaning up this year
I love to plant flower on mu fountain
                                                  more lilies are  out

                                            Thank you so much for stopping by

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Spring and Summer Time

My first flower this year spring are late this year
My garden star haven flower on summer 
is been raining for tree day and we are expecting more  for 
next week ,I love reining days
all the plant are so happy and green 
I hope you enjoy this summer and all the shell around your home


                                                    my new Garden shoes this year
                                                         Have blessing week
                                                         My Cozy Casita
                                                                to yours