Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Desapointer opinion

I love to open my computer each morning and look all the  bloggers, I follow but you has to be constantly closed all the commercial on the are blog when I star blogging in 2009 it was so nice no body was making money out the blog this day it all about money .
I open the blog to look are them is so difficulty to look are  with all the comercial on
I'm sorry but I closed them I not  live a comen any more it not the same any more like before I see so many blogger already not post any more so sad I love this a lot but
Look like I'm going to to said good buy to bloggers like the other  Bolger they not post any more I hope this change and we all comeback one day
Unfortunately today is all about Money
You all have Blessing Day, I hope I don't derispet  no body feeling with my comment
God bless you all

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our beloved Lala cross the Rainbow Bridge

Our Beloved
Peacefully left this earthly existence to wait for us by
the Rainbow Bridge
on this day 
October 7, 2016 
this cherished member of our family
will always be missed


                                                                   We always love you
                                                                         babe LALA

Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 Fall Home Tour part 2


                                        Thank you for stooping by this is my part 2 of Fall decoration, I did so litter
                             on my from Porch,  I'm  not going to take picture is been so bad weather in Florida
                             my porch at from is not cover every thing got wet with the rein
                                    I hope you all have nice weather for Fall decoration outside
                                                                  Have blessing week



Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2016 Fall Home Tour part 1

Hello I was so excited to post part 1 of my 2016 Fall Home Tour
I hope you enjoy my early fall my living room and Dining Room
I love the way I did this year my dining and my buffet
not to much orange 



                                             Thank you so much for stopping by the tour of our home
                                                                                   Part 1

                                                                        Have Blessing Day