Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Garden and Summer time

I been getting a lot of fruit from my back yard this year 
the Papaya tree has so many 

                                                   This year this tree has so many fruit
                                   my daughters take to her coworker each  day bag full of them
                                this is a tropical fruit named Ciruelas Cubana ( Tropical plums)

                            we make all this vegetable in the grill they was so  good we have a good time                                                            on Sunday  It was Fathers day and my daughters Bday
we BBQ for fathers day and staid home the weather was so bad 
I make papaya desert was so Delicious we have for desert
sooo good!!!!!!

I hope you all have a nice fathers day we have nice time and we enjoy all day
at home wish the family 
Have nice Day y'all

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Happy Summer around home

Summer Time for Shell , Rain, Flower and Garden

                      Morning is the best time and an Adirondack chair the best seat to
                                        bird-watch in the natural garden


                     Hello friends some summer decoration around my home
                                          is been  a lot of raining   in                                                                                                   Miami, most of the day no time to enjoy be out  in the garden
                                  I did some vignette with all my shell from
                                              Key West and Miami Beach
                                      Thank you so much for stopping by and comment
                                      I love to read all your comments!!!!!!
                                                          Have Blessing Day

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Garden 2016


                                                                                                                 I'm working around this area to put more river rock around my
                                       chair i need to paint the table that go with the chair

                                            I have this plant for so many year in my Jasmine
                                                     first this is the beginning of  flower                

The flower open only one night and closed on the next day before dark
she dries see the next picture 

         here is the fruit its so Spence in the store is full of antioxidant
                  the  name of the fruit is dragon fruit we make juices

                                             my 20016 putting bench no flower this year

the from garden this year

the 2015 putting bench
                                                         Thank you so much for stooping by
                                                           have happy Memorial Day you  all
                                                                     God Bless America