Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day 

                                                      I put some of Red Blue and white
                                         The table by the door  sun flower
                                                        and the America flag

                                                  the back porch as well been decorate

those pillow I have them for more than 4 year I used them for 4th of July to
I need some  patriotic pillow here on my back porch bench


                                                       the America Star  and my rooster are
                                                       the center of the patio table with the lemon
                                                       we are in summer now lemon are in to
                                                       My kitchen window I did very simple
                                                            some empty Coca Cola bottles with
                                                            Red, Blue and White straw

 some fresh sun flower and the America Flag

                                                         this look so cute I loved
I draw America flag in my board
                                                          Some more patriotic in the kitchen
                                                Lucy the pig is going party with her red Budweiser
                                          necklace, I love all my pig around the kitchen and my rooster
                                          my table  is on hold is been reining here a lot, I hope by Sunday
                                                          the weather be nice for BBQ
                                                      I will poster my table before or after
                                                      Memorial Day is the weather is good
                                                                    Happy Memorial Day
                                                              God Bless America the beautiful
                                                               Oh some outdated Lala is doing mush better
                                                                she happy she is eating and  her Vet are so
                                                            happy for her recuperation after surgery  on her stomach
                                                                   they remover 7% of her stomach she is in my prayer
                                                                   for her recuperation
                                                                                            love from
                                                                                      Lala and Isora                              

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Prayer for Lala

Good morning all my lovely friends
this is Lala she is one my Boxes 
has been sick for more than tree months we going crease 
wish a lot of  test to her first the vet diagnostic with bleeding Gastritis
she was and medication for that the runner and Scam and they said she has a tumor on her stomachs
we take her  to the best place the Animal Cancer Care Clinic God Bless them and all the medical staff
the Oncology check her scam and he tell  is not Cancer what Lala has I was so happy the did Endoscopy on her last Tuesday and one side of her stomach has inflammation they make the decision to go in and surgery her yesterday they remove 7% of her stomach she has a mass the Dr  send to be biopsies, Lala in the Hospital she is doing much better  no vomiting any more but she has to learn live with small stomach and long recuperation 
Please Lala need all your bless and prayer from you  
I know she is en God ham and he been protecting her for a long time 
MY family are so sad but at the same time happy she is doing much better
Prayer for lovely Lala
God  bless you all 

                                         She is the must beautiful Dog and beautiful eyes

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I sending all my Love to all the wonderful
Happy Mother's Day

                                        Fresh Flower and a beautiful card from my lovely Daughter


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Today I like to show you my Master bedroom
nothing out of this world
simple, neutral
clean line not to much 
decoration on 
less for me to clean up
very natural color 

I have this pillow for so many year from my daughter
                                                  My perfume tray and my  Murano glass
                                                        Mother Mary from Italy

                                            I like to wish to all the Mother's e lovely and beautiful Day
                                                                        many Bless
                                                              Happy Mother's Day to all!!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sprint cleaning up on my garden

The day star  for me with my black rein boot in my garden 
the weather can be more beautiful here in Miami, I been  at home 
for two week on Monday 25, I star a new Job in the same Company I work for 23 year before I move to California in 2010
 I can be more 
happy in my life come back to work with all my friends 
I did a lot in my home this two week 
I have a big project on my Garden there more project to came  on 
 I"m working on 
I hope  you enjoy my Potty beach next week  I going to painting on white 


                                            This is the way I finish today with nice coco
                                                   I hope you have nice weekend