Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jasmine in the kitchen

                                                        Jasmine from my garden in my kitchen
                                                                 Fresh apples

                                                        I love my kitchen with all my rooster

                                                         Have blessing day you all

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sprint Production

Hello my friends this morning I was walk around my back yard
and this is what I found so amazing all this is going on 
in my garden
"God is good he is so perfect"

                                                     I'm waiting for the baby
                                                         This one is opened  a hole to put her egg
                                                        so cute
                                                         I love my bench so cute, I enjoy so much
                                               on this time of the year Spring!!!
                                                   My Jasmine  tree is full of flower

                                                 My  garden is growing  linden leaves,spearmint ,basil,Chamomile

                                                       Where  it's my landscaping
                                                               He welcome you but git

                                                  Thank you so much for stopping by
                                          All my prayer go to all the victim in Boston marathon explosions
                                                             " God bless America "

Saturday, April 13, 2013

He's at Home

Hello my friends  

From this weather for two year living
in Utah my Husband back home

After 2 years of being separated he got a job in Miami

yeaaaaaaaaaa!!! he's home 
Lala,Bella,Monica and me
are soooo Happy

No spaces but we are happy

                                              This is the way my Florida room look for now
                                              I been very busy for the last week 1/2   organizing my home.

                                                 Thank you so much for stopping by!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lamps and more lamps

Hello FriendI hope you all had wonderful Easter
today i'm post all my lamps around my
home I hope you enjoy your lamps like I do.


                                                    Thank so much for stopping by!
                                           I'll be joining Alison  from the Pollo House
                                      hes is hostesses
                                               Favorites on the First !