Thursday, October 22, 2009

This a Halloween foam figure my daughter made.

This my patio dinner table, I bought at Ross which I love very much.

These are some of my plants in the corner of my patio.

This is part of my garden, now it's ugly because of the weather change.

There are little tables around the house with little details, such as this one.

Same table with the angel, my sister gave to me.

These are the two night stands in my guest room, which I'm currently working on.

This piece is an antique seamstress.

One of my antique end tables in my living room, you can also see my Violet plant.

This is my antique buffet table in my dining room that I purchased in a state sale. And those orchids are from my orchid collection in my front yard.

This is my linen chest. It's a 4 drawer antique which my father gave to me. Here is where I house all of my linens and table covers.
And this is the top of linen chest.

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