Sunday, January 10, 2010

My sister's decoration In Dominican Republic

Embroidered towels

My niece's redecorated bathroom.

The dining room

The chicken is a Xmas gift.

The little birds are from the Xmas collection from Target, the picture was embroidered by my sister.

The table is from a dominican store called Basicos, the budha figure from Walmart, the plates from Tjmaxx and the wall plate from another dominican store called Bellon.

The rooster lamp is from Cracker Barrel, the plate is from TJmaxx, the lamp and the little suitcase is from another dominican store called La Sirena, the tablecloth is from Jumbo
and the dresser is from an antique shop in DR

Our blue China cabinet: Some of the blue plates are from TJ Maxx, the blue plaque is from Cracker Barrel, the cup and saucer at the bottom shelf is from a little store in Dominican Republic called "Tea con limon".


  1. Love your sister's home! There are some beautiful things. Love the dresser also. My husband and I LOVE Cuban colonial furniture and style so we're always looking at furniture!

  2. Hello Isora, congratulations on the move, you are just gonna love Irvine, I believe it is voted the safest city in u.s, it is very pretty and close to the beach and has tons of the best shopping/South Coast Plaza, is the best...the weather, well none of that awful humid they have in florida, just sunny warm and will adapt beautifully what a great adventure for you...thanks for the nice comments on my blog and my house, I work so hard on it and love it when people notice and take the time to make a comment>>>>keep in touch my friend..Phyllis