Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day for 2, or 1 in my case.

Since my husband is out of the country on business, looks as though I'll be enjoying the Creme de Vie by myself on Valentine's Day.

Creme de Vie with cinnamon sticks to add some flavor.

This little bear looks like he'll be my Valentine this year.

Valentine's Day drinks by the fireplace.

Close up of the pillow and plate my daughter found for me at TJ Maxx
Thanka to Susan at between naps on the porch for hosting today.


  1. Love your tray for one! Love the little heart dish.

  2. I'm sorry you can't be with your husband on Valentine's Day! But looks like you know how to take care of yourself! Enjoy your drinks by the fireplace.

  3. Very pretty Valentine's Day tray, Isora! I clicked on each picture to enlarge it so I could see them better. I ♥ that little pillow!!

    My DH just had two ♥ caths & a stent put into the LAD on 1-25. I bet they used your company's items. :D Please tell them thanks for doing a good job on their products?

  4. I love the wonderful red and white plates..The red bows on the cups are so cute...I love that little pillow, it is all very pretty..Phyllis

  5. I love it. what a great idea the bows on the cups.

  6. It's a sweet little scene you have created. I love the chair very pretty.