Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter al Fresco at the back terrace

The bunny plates with the green bows are from Marshal's
The center piece with the tulips is from Michael's craft store
the crystal bell and the bird's nest are from Ross

The little pink, porcelain flowers with handles is from Marshall's

Bunny bowl from Cracker Barrel, a country store restaurant here in the South,
my favorite place to eat breakfast and shop

The bunny family plates are from Cracker Barrel as well

This is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bunny salt and pepper shakers

Yummie strawberry smoothie with a little marshmallow chick

Here goes the chick floating in the smoothie...

Chicken again

Look at the bunny.......isn't it cute!!!!

Cake stand is from a set of three from Ross. I bought it in Chistmas!!! I love the little chocolate eggs floating inside the flower vase

The bunny chocolate candy is from Walmart

The whole easter tablescape

Hello girls!!!!
Easter is just around the corner. I'm back after been away for a while packing for my moving to California in June.
This will be my last tablescape from Miami, next one will be in sunny California.
It was a gorgeus day, I put this tablescape together in my back terrace.


  1. This is so pretty and colorful. I love how you put it together.

  2. This is just beautiful!! I definitely missed it when you posted. Happy Easter!!