Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taste of Home

Cuban Natilla
Mi Favorite Cuban Cook Book from mi Mom
The best cuban recipes

Hi , I hope you like this recipes from our best Cuban cooks book!

Natilla a la Vainilla
1 Liter Milk
3 Eggs yolk
3 Tablespoons of Corn Starch
6 Tablespoons of Sugar
1 Tablespoons vanilla
1 stik of cinamon
Boil the Milk withs Sugar and Vanilla end them in small bowl beat cold milk withs Corn starch. Bring in to a boil milk sugar and vanilla and them add eggs yolk beat on low speed until combined them you stir until thickened end them you put the natilla in a bow spread ground cinnamon over.


  1. Great dessert! Thanks for sharing and thanks for following too! :)

  2. Isora, it looks a lot like Tembleque. Is it similar?? Luis makes it, I don't so I'm not sure of the recipe. That cookbook is a real treasure!! I would love to find one of those!!

  3. Hi Isora, This sounds wonderful! My favorite food of all times is Cuban and I grew up on it in Ybor City, Fl. My son just moved to Orlando and we will be visiting him in a couple of weeks. I just told him last night to find a good Cuban restaurant for when we are there. None here in Richmond.