Saturday, September 17, 2011

erfume and Mannequin!

This is my perfume tray

My lipstick holder from an antique store in Orange, California

All my Chanel perfumes from my husband; he always

gets me a good present. I love Chanel and I love my husband too!

My favorite one Chanel No.5, I love it.

My whole tray of perfumes.

My new friend in my room

I need to decorated her more with lace and

jewelry to make her happy.

I finally found a mannequin at Marshalls for a good price.


  1. I love perfumes and your tray is gorgeous! I love each and evryone of your perfumes, you must always smell delicious my friend! Love, FABBY

  2. Isora, I love your beautiful perfume tray and your lovely perfumes!! What a wonderful husband too! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are doing well!!