Sunday, October 9, 2011

Burlad Sack around my Home

You may remember them from back when I was living in California,
I make the curtains for the kitchen of the house that we were renting.
Well I brought them home with me back to Miami. I've been using them around my house so since is raining here in Miami,
it's good weather for sewing. So I started making a pillow for my lovely home and
this is one of them.

Sooooo beautiful

I also made this burlap sack banner for my cupboard in my dining room.

I love this piece furniture.

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend as we continue with rain here in South Florida.

God bless you all

and thank you so much for stopping by!!!



  1. Raining in Nebraska too -- we need it! I love the repurposing of your burlap curtains -- looks great :)


  2. Olá! Passei para lhe desejar um bom inicio de semana, e lhe dizer que o seu cantinho com estas cortinas e sua almofada ficaram muito bonitas e aconchegantes. Fique com Deus! Abrç

  3. Oh, I do love the natural look of burlap! You are so clever, great post! I'm happy I found your great blog!


  4. Iso the pillow looks great. Good job