Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clean up for spring

My two Boxes are ready for spring

All ready been painting

This year we are going to have small herbs garden

Enty pot waiting to be full of flowers

I start my Yard clean up!

Spring cleaning arsenal

Some painting to

more cleaning

Have nice day to all my blog friend

and be ready for Spring




  1. Oh Isora, you have been busy!! I love your beautiful yard, and the color of your house. You are so blessed there in such a wonderful place. I'm not quite ready for spring and all the outside work we will have to do, but I will enjoy it when it gets here!

  2. hello Isora,
    it looks like you have been very busy getting ready for spring.
    I've only now discovered your blog and I find it a lovely to visit.

  3. I am still getting things pruned and cleaned up too. You have such a nice big back yard.