Sunday, March 25, 2012

Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center

He is very handsome!

Iam so excited that I had the opportunity to meet him.

Taking pictures of him.

His show was very educational

Me, Monica and my dear friend Miki the blonde in the back

I was so anxious to get home and post it up on my blog, he was a

pleasure to meet and was very courteous to each and everyone of his fans.

We have a very nice time




  1. Oh well, sweet pea, I'd learn anything from that handsome guy, lol..!! You look so pretty and also sounds like you had a great time! I bet you saw many inspirational designs, I'd love to be there! Thank you for coming by sweet lady. Hugs,

  2. Oh Isora, how fun!!! You look great and I bet it was a blast!

  3. Iso, we had a great time and meeting John was a great experience. Micky