Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bird's Nest

                I've been waiting so long for my nest, finally it's mine.
                  It's humongous. My father and my dear friend Miki (from the blog "Miki's   House")  
have been watching the nest for the baby birds to hatch and leave. 
And today was the day it finally happened. 
We found it in a tree in our neighbor's house across the street from my parents and Miki's house.

               So cute and so perfect 

I have to rush to Micheal's for some more eggs. 
I lost most of them from my move back to Florida.

   This is where I decided to put it; in my cupboard.

  Perfect place and it looks amazing!

I believe that God made the world so perfect, simply look at how intricate this nest was made.

Have a nice weekend everyone!
God bless you all

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  1. It looks so nice there Iso, and we need to go to Michels to find more eggs. Hope you are having a nice weekend.