Saturday, December 8, 2012

Magical Time of the Year

                        Christmas is a magical time of the year, the spirit of the season comes alive.
on my fireplaceand arrenged accents and burlap garland complete a merry mantel including pheasant,
fresh pine branches, the birds are made out of pinecones. I liked this year's decorations because they are mostly made of materials found in nature.
                                      !!!Home is where the soul is !!!!




  1. Your home does have a magical look. It's fun getting ready for the big day.

  2. Your home looks so festive and what a pretty tree!
    Mary Alice

  3. Beautiful! All of your decor is so pretty. Thank you for visiting and your kind comment. Happy Holidays.

  4. You home looks very lovely, warm and inviting! Those pheasants on that center greenery are so pretty!

  5. Oooooooh! I LOVE THAT TREE!!!! We haven't had a fresh tree in years. I am so bad about keeping one watered that Ramon said, "No more!" I love to light the fireplace, and he was afraid we'd have a big fire. So, we now have to stick with an artificial tree. Your real one is just gorgeous!!! I love the way you created a pine piece on the mantel to complement it! Very pretty! I don't know what you did to the ends of the burlap to make it look like that, but that is SUPER SLICK!!! It kind of looks like a bow, but because it's all puffed up so pretty it almost looks like it's just kind of gathered and poofed. Pretty! You have been one busy woman around your house!!! I hope you're able to just kick back and enjoy it now! Have a great week!!!