Tuesday, July 30, 2013




 our brakfast, are

                                                               the from of the house
                                                             my from  garden
                                                                    the entry way
                                                                 our master room
                                                                 My small living room

                                                                     the dining
                                                                     My kichen

                                                             the quest room
                                                         this is my vintage bathroom

                                                  It takes hands to build a home
                                                           but only hearts
                                                            can build a
                                                    Welcome to our Home

 Our home was build 1956  is Florida home, we been living for 22 yearsis have2bathroom and 3 bedroom with open terraza or pourch water from with big back yard,we been added improved thougout the years.
 The wall are antique white color to the entry we have our MB next livin room continue the
dinig room  and the kichen,the dinin is looking to our florida room, down the hallway is the quest room and Monica's room and her bathroom.
                                     This is my home and your too
                                 Thank you so much for stoping by


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