Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall in the from porch

Hello friends this is all I did this year in my
from porch  the weather is been so bad 
with the rains and storm only one side of the from door I put the decoration
I hope the weather get much better
for Halloween

                                                              I love my wreath this year
                                                            it  was on sale Hobby loved only
                                                             $3.00 and the decoration was $1
                                                               total for $6 dollar I make my
                                                                        wreath this year


                                              I going back to Home Deport for more
                                                            mom  I like the orange one
                                                  but with the rains they look so bad I only
                                                   got  two yellow one


                                               Thank you so much for stopping by!!
                                                        have Blessing Day you all


  1. Your porch looks very happy! I hope the rains will end soon for you. I also like your wreath on the door. I usually make my own also. Have a great Autumn

  2. Your porch looks great. Very festive with all your pretty decor.
    Have a great weekend and I hope you don't get that terrible storm.