Monday, August 8, 2016

welcome to sunny Florida

              For the last two week this is the weather we been true in Miami and all Florida state
we haven  has sun are all raining all day long is crease the humidity is 100%
no way were to go be home watching TV read books  and cook.

                                          All my window are like that around the house
                                                      I hope you all been dry.
                                                     Have a blessing Day

\                                                                XOX


  1. I wish we would get rain like that. We have had a drought here for 5 years. I pray that this winter we get a lot of rain and so do my roses and plants.

    Hope this week is better for you - have a great one.


  2. Wow, lots of rain. Love your sense of humor. I would think it makes your plants nice and green. xo

  3. Hi Isora. Looks like you have been having some rain, but that is why everything around you looks so pretty and green all the time. We could use a little more of that in northern CA. Thanks for your kind words to me. I always love hearing from you, my good friend..Happy Tuesday, Judy

    1. Thank you my lovely friend I'm ready to send you some rain is been more than 24 hrs reining in here is nice but it thunder and lighting so bad
      living in Florida we have this type of weather in May not in August.
      have a blessing day