Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Acorns in My OakTree

                                                      I glue them  some of them

                                                                 My oak tree

                                                               I'm in love with them

                                                                    they are so cute

Today I went to my front yard to spray around the grass for ants and I found all these acorn nuts under my oak tree, you cannot imagine how excited I was.  I never thought in my life that I was going to find these in my house. We moved into this house when my daughter was 9 months old;  this is the first time my oak tree has produced acorns. Some of them I had to glue the top parts back together.

                                                  !!!!!! Happy Fall to you all !!!!!!


  1. Lucky you. I constantly am on the hunt for nice acorns. Love them under cloche.

  2. I LOVE acorns too, and I consider them cute as well. :) We have an oak tree in our front yard and I gather the acorns when they fall. Problem is the tops are always missing. teehee I use them inside lanterns for candles and fill bowls with them too.
    Much love,