Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer at The Cozy Casita

Hello lovely friend I hope your haven nice summer time
with the Family
Living in Florida is a Summer all year around here
I go to put all my shell in my dinner and living room
is not like perfect decoration but I'm happy the way is my Home

                                                         Fresh leaves from my garden

Flower are to expensive here in Miami

                                                       my collection of shell


                                        Thank you so much for stopping by
                                                        Happy Summer!!!!




  1. Your home looks so beautiful, cozy and inviting for the all year round summer weather. Love the jar with all the shells.
    I am visiting my grandgirls at Guayaquil-Ecuador and it's hot...summer all year round too. I personally prefer my own spring weather in Cuenca-Ecuador.
    So nice to see you around querida amiga.

    1. Thank you Fabby for your lovely comments . yes been a way from blog since my mom pased on February with the care of my Dad plus the house no time for me
      I'm glad your over your grand girls enjoy your vacation
      Many blessing

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom passing. Your decor looks so comfy. Love the blue and white. It has a beachy feel. xo

  3. Thank you Linda is been so sad around here after Mom
    passing one day at the time. I have my Dad living with us.
    yes living in Florida you go to the Key they have shell for sale in all the store we go one a months is nice there and good fish and fresh to eat my HB loved to drive there
    Florida is nice in summer time.
    Have blessing day