Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer time

Hello my friends is
 Summer time to be out and enjoy  the garden
  all day
the weather been nice here in Florida
is raining at night so nice  to hear the raining
when I sleeping
there some photos around my 

                                                         This is the new member in the house
                             her name is Kitty  she has two color eyes one green and one blue
                                              hes came to my from door one day and never left
                                                    so we toke her to Vet no babe  kitty  please
                                          she is Happy but  Lala and Bella  my two Boxes have
                                                          a problem they don't like her
                                                                         oh well
                                           My Mom violets I keeping all her plants with me
                                           after she pass in February,I love to look at
                                                   to remember her all the time
                                                                   Beautiful day


                                                          ready for diner  tonight

                                                               Happy Sunday



  1. Your garden looks lovely. Such a pretty kitty - so glad that you have kept her.
    You have so many pretty flowers - thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a wonderful Sunday dear friend. Your mothers violets look very pretty in the window.

  2. Hi my lovely friend, thank you so much for your lovely comments,you have the must beautiful garden to.
    Have a blessing Sunday and nice week.