Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 Fall Home Tour part 2


                                        Thank you for stooping by this is my part 2 of Fall decoration, I did so litter
                             on my from Porch,  I'm  not going to take picture is been so bad weather in Florida
                             my porch at from is not cover every thing got wet with the rein
                                    I hope you all have nice weather for Fall decoration outside
                                                                  Have blessing week




  1. Very pretty Isora. You have some lovely fall items to decorate with. it has been hot here, so fall is waiting. Have a great week. xo

  2. I loved your 2 part post on your Fall decorations. Everything looks amazing and what a great job you did.
    I have most of my decoration completed and need to finish a couple more things and then I will do a post.

    Great post Isora and I sure wish we would get some of the rain you are. Have a great week.


  3. Isora, I know you must enjoy your Florida home! And it looks so warm and inviting all ready for fall!

    1. Hi Anita , well yes we do but in been so bad with the rain I only decorate my back porch and not to mush you from porch is not cover son time the rein came from the south and all the decoration got wet
      Your home look so beautiful and so clad you working as a decorator now beautiful job you are so good on that.
      Have blessing week and enjoy your Fall day to come

  4. Isora, everything looks so pretty. I love the tray with the rooster lamp and other goodies to start with. Your patio is wonderful!

  5. Your home looks so warm, cozy, and welcoming for fall. Loving your beautiful patio area.
    Mary Alice