Thursday, May 19, 2016

Prayer for Lala

Good morning all my lovely friends
this is Lala she is one my Boxes 
has been sick for more than tree months we going crease 
wish a lot of  test to her first the vet diagnostic with bleeding Gastritis
she was and medication for that the runner and Scam and they said she has a tumor on her stomachs
we take her  to the best place the Animal Cancer Care Clinic God Bless them and all the medical staff
the Oncology check her scam and he tell  is not Cancer what Lala has I was so happy the did Endoscopy on her last Tuesday and one side of her stomach has inflammation they make the decision to go in and surgery her yesterday they remove 7% of her stomach she has a mass the Dr  send to be biopsies, Lala in the Hospital she is doing much better  no vomiting any more but she has to learn live with small stomach and long recuperation 
Please Lala need all your bless and prayer from you  
I know she is en God ham and he been protecting her for a long time 
MY family are so sad but at the same time happy she is doing much better
Prayer for lovely Lala
God  bless you all 

                                         She is the must beautiful Dog and beautiful eyes


  1. Oh I am so sorry that Lala is sick. Of course I will say prayers for her speedy recovery. I know exactly how you feel, because I feel the same way about my dogs. I love them very much and they are my family.

    Pretty dog and I think she is as spoiled as mine are. LOL

    Waldo has liver problems and I cook all healthy
    meals for him, baked chicken, brown rice and veggies, plus his special dog food with medication in it.

    Take care of your sweet dog.


  2. Thank you Mary your so special person with a good heart
    Thank God she is at home today they relief her she's taking
    So many medication and eat 1/4 of cup every 3 hrs for 2 week no jomping she is en one room and slipping
    On the floor with her and Bella she has
    to be next to her
    I'm praying so much for her recuperation
    Mery thank you,thank you so much take care of you and Waldo
    So many blessing for you and your lovely a Dog and family

  3. My beautiful, sweet, loving Lala!!
    We love you, puppy!!!