Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day 

                                                      I put some of Red Blue and white
                                         The table by the door  sun flower
                                                        and the America flag

                                                  the back porch as well been decorate

those pillow I have them for more than 4 year I used them for 4th of July to
I need some  patriotic pillow here on my back porch bench


                                                       the America Star  and my rooster are
                                                       the center of the patio table with the lemon
                                                       we are in summer now lemon are in to
                                                       My kitchen window I did very simple
                                                            some empty Coca Cola bottles with
                                                            Red, Blue and White straw

 some fresh sun flower and the America Flag

                                                         this look so cute I loved
I draw America flag in my board
                                                          Some more patriotic in the kitchen
                                                Lucy the pig is going party with her red Budweiser
                                          necklace, I love all my pig around the kitchen and my rooster
                                          my table  is on hold is been reining here a lot, I hope by Sunday
                                                          the weather be nice for BBQ
                                                      I will poster my table before or after
                                                      Memorial Day is the weather is good
                                                                    Happy Memorial Day
                                                              God Bless America the beautiful
                                                               Oh some outdated Lala is doing mush better
                                                                she happy she is eating and  her Vet are so
                                                            happy for her recuperation after surgery  on her stomach
                                                                   they remover 7% of her stomach she is in my prayer
                                                                   for her recuperation
                                                                                            love from
                                                                                      Lala and Isora                              


  1. Your house looks lovely with your decorations. As I type right now, it is pouring down rain, so who knows what the weekend will be like. So glad Lala is doing better. I feel so bad when they are sick. At least she is eating. Take care and happy Memorial weekend. Xo

    1. Thank you Linda lovely comments yes is doing much better she has a Cancer the is not aggressive now they doing another biose to see
      What time of quimo she need we are pray for her not to suffer on this she is eating Her Cancer Dr is happy how she recuperate son fast
      Linda God is God
      Have happy Memorial Day

  2. So glad that Lala is better. Everything looks so festive. After seeing all your decorations, I need to get mine out and decorate.

    Happy Memorial Day. Hugs,


  3. Hello Mary thank you for stoping by and for your lovely comments , yes thank God Lala is much better day by day she has a Cancer tumor remove now they doing another biose on the tumor to determ how much quimo or other trimens for what she has all her organs are fine no been affected by this we are prey for her not to suffer aut of this
    Mary I'm glad you are going to put your decoration out to for Memorial Day
    Have nice day

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much enjoy your holiday
      of Memorial Day

  5. Everything looks beautiful!!! I love it!!